The Coffee Academy GenSan produces 10 graduates for Coffee Cupping workshop


The Coffee Academy GenSan produces 10 graduates for Coffee Cupping course

After its successful first class, the Coffee Academy (TCA) GenSan conducted its second class dubbed as the “Sensory Perception of Taste and Flavor: Basic Coffee Cupping,” that ran from December 20 to 22, 2022, held at GoodBlends Café, Lagao, General Santos City.

The in-depth coffee workshop aimed to educate about specialty coffee and how to assess its quality.

ACDI/VOCA PhilCAFE Project Coffee Quality Specialist Emeline Superioridad-Sabado was the instructor for this class where she taught about coffee evaluation methods through sensory analysis. She is also a CQI Qualified Lecturer, Robusta Q Grader and Q Processing Professional.

It was a special class that only highlighted coffee cupping or coffee tasting for the ten participating students. Coffee cupping is the practice of observing the tastes, fragrances and aromas of brewed coffee.

The Coffee Academy GenSan produces 10 graduates for Coffee Cupping course

“Sensory is an analytical tool for understanding taste and flavor of a particular coffee. It is essential to know the quality of the coffee. The students experienced how to taste, smell and appreciate what coffee professionals do to evaluate and grade coffee,” Robusta Q Grader and TCA Facilitator Arnel Cadeliña said.

“This class helped the students unlock their sensory skills and understood why some coffee tasted better than the others,” he added.

The second batch who graduated from this workshop were the following: Dave Michael Ibao, Levi Lloyd Baluso, Anthony Lorjan Palenzuela, Ramon Jerry Cabalce, Andrew Patrick Juat, Winbee Espedido, Celedonio Chavez III, Ramchand Paulo Benedicto, Rembrandt Benidicto and Jamieleen Bugna.

The Coffee Academy GenSan produces 10 graduates for Coffee Cupping course

The participating students in the workshop said they were pleased to join and enhance their knowledge on coffee. According to them, they will use what they learned to help advocate for the improvement of the local coffee industry.

“I enrolled in the TCA class to gain more knowledge and understanding on what is behind a great cup of coffee,” BLCK café owner and TCA student Dave Michael Ibao said.

“By understanding the complexities of coffee through a sense of taste and smell, it could tell us the effort that every farmer poured into their crop,” he added.

“I learned to distinguish different flavor notes, how to do cupping, and most especially slurping. I also realized how important our coffee farmers. We should pay more respect to them since they produce the crop," 482 Brews Café owner and TCA student Ramchand Paulo Benedicto said.

"The learning never stops in the coffee industry,” he added. 

“To all baristas, coffee enthusiasts or individuals who want to learn more about coffee please do not hesitate to enroll in TCA class. Let us all help the local coffee industry with the right coffee education and awareness,” Cadeliña said.



There will be another in-depth barista course on January 26 to 29, 2023 for the third batch of TCA class. For inquiries, you can message The Coffee Academy GenSan Facebook page for details.

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