The first

   It's been a year. Many things have happened to me. I learned lots of things, meet new friends, travel places I never been to and discover what I really want. I learn to know myself, what are my skills and talents, my capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and my goal(s) in life.

   My first entry I posted on my blog was a product of frustration. A frustration that eventually leads to enlightenment. As expected, the first blogpost, was about a job fair conducted by SM City GenSan at Lagao Gym. That time I was a fresh graduate from college and I am excited to experience the "real world". But my excitement turned into repulsion. I witnessed the amalgamation of anger, desperation, frustration and false hope. I had an idea about what the real world may look but I never anticipated the impact to me (consciously and subconsciously). That's why I blogged about it to release what I felt that time.

   Since that moment, I blog about issues that the mainstream media would never or ignore to tackle. I expose myself to different things; I learn to socialize to different people with unique backgrounds; and travel places with unusual set up. Just to understand the things that are vague to me. As my journey continues, I learn to have a positive outlook in life. That's why I also blog about the good things in life.

  Obviously my blog belongs to the category of personal blogging. I chose this genre because it is quite convenient and easy to maintain. Unlike travel, tech, food, magazine or journalistic type, personal blog has a limited budget and I am comfortable with it. As you notice, Yadu Karu's Blog tackles about Mindanao specifically SOCCSKSARGEN area --- its issues, places, latest events and happenings, and other things that are worth blogging. It also features book reviews since I like books; film reviews/analysis because I have a natural inclination for it; and critical analysis of popular culture --- local or international.

   I would not be in this blogging career without the help and support of:

My parents - I would like to thank them for being supportive to me. I am thankful they are supportive and understanding.  

"Juana Yamamomo" - Thank you also to my sister for believing in me. She  is very supportive and a good financier to some of my travels.

Avel Manansala - Thank you Sir Avel for accepting me to be a part of SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS. I really appreciate it and I am thankful that you are one of my "bosses" and mentors in blogging.

Hector Miñoza - Thank you Sir for the pieces of advice you impart with me. I also consider you as one of my mentors and career councilors. 

Orman Manansala - I also thank Sir Orman and the other three (forget their names) for their poster of Tuna Fest 2011. I would never discover the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers without it. Thank you.

To my fellow SOX BLOGGERS - Thank you very much! I have learned a lot form you all and still learning.

To my fellow Bloggers- Thank you also to my fellow bloggers that I've met in online and offline world. They know who they are.

To my supportive friends- Thank you for supporting me. Keep reading!

To my avid readers of Yadu Karu's Blog - Thank you very much, I really appreciate all the emails, chat, subscribe, share and tweet. Thank you. Keep reading! 

PS - I supposed to plan a give-away sort of gimmick for my blog's first anniversary. But it is too early to do that. So I just blog about it.

Thank you!


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    1. Thank you Maam Jinky!

      Thanks for visiting Yadu Karu's Blog! ;-)

  2. Teary-eyed, goosebumps and all with this article Yads, It's always good to know that those first few actions would lead to wider horizons, right?

    For the win Mr. Genory Vanz Alfasain. For the love of Mindanao I was able to met an intense and amazing fellow youth like you! More powers! :D

    1. Yes, you're right Mimi. I am happy that we've met, I hope to see you soon. Chika chika na pud ta.

      Thank you for visiting Yadu Karu's Blog ;-)

  3. happy 1st blogoversary Yadu!

    You're one of the Sox Bloggers' more dependable members and I am actually very happy that you have continued writing and improving your blog.

    Happy blogging!

    1. Thank you so much Sir Avel, for everything. I appreciate all your help, advice and invitations (for events).

      Thank you for visiting Yadu Karu's Blog ;-)

  4. Here's to more years of blogging.. Happy first Yadu Karu! yey, padayon lang..wag kang magsawa ha ^^

    1. Thanks Nardz!

      Thank you for visiting Yadu Karu's Blog! ;-)

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    1. ehehe..xenxa na ubos time na lang..dapat ikaw din mag pakain kasi malapit na din blogoversary mo.

      Thank you for visiting Yadu Karu's Blog ;-)


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